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Malaysia Visa:

Like most countries, it is now simpler for people of eligible countries to visit Malaysia all thanks to the Malaysia eVisa. Now, all a traveller needs is a stable Internet connection since the whole application procedure is done online.

The prerequisites for applying for a Malaysian visa online are a current passport from one of the eligible countries and a credit or debit card to cover the application cost. The majority of applications are accepted and processed swiftly often within a business day.

Presenting a printed A4 copy of their approved eVisa together with their passport, evidence of adequate finances, return airline ticket, and lodging documentation, allows visitors to enter Malaysia via any port of entry. The same passport must be used for both the online application and the trip to Malaysia.

Visa Government fee:

The government has given a fee structure for visas for all countries. The fee depends upon the type of visa and it's the duration of the Malaysia visa. Visa fee is divided into various types depending upon the case viz; applicant country, processing fee and rush/super rush fee. During the online registration process, at the end of the process, the total fee shall be displayed.

However, the following countries have a fee structure for the visa which is listed alongside:

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If you are applying for a nonimmigrant visa, you will have to pay visa processing fees which include the visa service fee. The fees vary as per the different requirements of the traveler/applicant. However, whether you are traveling for business purposes or tourism, every applicant is required to pay the processing fee.

What is a visa service fee?

The visa service fee is paid to the travel agent or third party you have hired to monitor your visa application process. This fee is mandatorily paid along with the visa costs. It is worth noting that the visa costs are determined according to a range of factors, which include the following:

Visa Category

Before starting to fill out your visa application, you will see a few blank spaces where you will be asked to provide some crucial details about your visa choice. The first one is the visa category. If you are applying for an online visa, this category would vary from country to country as some offer electronic visas only for tourism and business purposes whereas some offer a broad array of visa options, including medical treatment and medical attendant e-visas, family visit e-visa, and Umrah or pilgrimage e-visa. Hence, you should carefully select your required visa category.

Entry Type

This is another aspect of your e-visa application that would determine the eventual visa and visa service costs. Just like different categories of visas, there are different types of entries, which also vary from country to country. So, ideally, you should have clarity over this aspect of a visa before attempting to apply for a visa online. Some countries offer just a single-entry e-visa while some offer single and multiple entries travel permits. On the other hand, some offer different categories of multiple entries, such as the visa may be valid for 3 to 6 months or up to 1 to 5 years. With a multiple-entry e-visa, travelers can enter and exit the country multiple times but on the condition that they would not exceed the government-authorized stay limit.

Application Type

This is another feature that helps the company determine the type of application a traveler wants to submit. There will be two options- entry and visa extension. It is worth noting that some countries allow an extension in the existing visa and some do not. This aspect will be determined by the next option.

Applicant Country

This is the most important part of your visa fee calculation. That’s because the visa fee is different for each continent and country. So, the travel agency you are applying through will need to calculate the visa depending on the applicant’s nationality. It is also worth pointing out that once you select the nationality you will be able to determine whether you can apply for a visa extension and which categories of visa you are eligible to apply for.

How to Pay the e-Visa Fees?

Currently, you can select between three different options.

  • Standard- the visa costs will be lower and the visa will be issued within a week.
  • Rush- the visa cost will be slightly higher than the standard visa and it will be issued within 3 business days.
  • Super Rush- the visa cost will be higher than the above two categories and it will be issued on an urgent basis, usually within 24 to 48 hours.

The visa fees are calculated after you select the desired processing time. The sooner you require your application to be processed, the higher will be the amount. The final amount will be inclusive of the visa processing and service fees.

Other Fees:

Work Visa Fees:

To work in Malaysia, you must pay a visa cost as well as a Malaysian Work Pass fee in your home country. Prices for Malaysian work permits vary according to how long the pass is good for..

Types of Work Pass Fees
Employment Pass (EP) EP Fee 200 RM Per year
Employment processing fee RM 125
PVP or professional Visit pass PVP Fee 90 RM every quarter or 360 RM per year

Student Visa Fee for Malaysia:

An annual Malaysia Student Pass fee of RM 60 must be paid by overseas students for each year (or part of a year) of study. As a result, your Malaysia Student Pass will cost RM 180 for a three-year program. This is in addition to the previously mentioned Malaysia visa charge.

On Arrival Visa Fee:

Residents of China and India may get a visa upon arrival in Malaysia. An on-arrival visa for Malaysia costs $100 in processing fees.

Processing time and fees of Malaysian eVisa:

The length of time it takes to get a Malaysian visa varies depending on your nation, the method you choose to apply (eVisa, eNTRI eVisa, or Medical eVisa), the season, and if you have all the necessary paperwork. Following are the procedure times and fees for eVisa:

  • Standard Procedure Time - The waiting time is 24 hours, and the entire cost, including fees, is USD 69.49 or 312 RM.
  • Urgent Procedure Time - This time, your document will be delivered to you in 4 hours, and the cost will be USD 119.49 or 536.5 RM.
  • Super Urgent Procedure Time - The cost of this option is USD 151.49 or 680 RM, but that's just because you'll have to wait only 1 hour.

Malaysian Sticker Visa Fee:

For visitors planning to stay longer than 30 days, this is the best Malaysia Visa choice. You may remain in Malaysia for up to a year with a sticker visa or stamp visa.

Comparing the Malaysia Sticker Visa process to the eVisa is a little more complex.

Sticker Visa Fee for Malaysia is 195.94 RM.

Malaysian Visa Extension Fee:

If your stay in Malaysia has been prolonged and you need a visa extension, then you have to apply for it and pay a visa extension fee of approximately 105 USD or 471.45 RM (Government and Service fee) to get the visa extension.

Penalty for overstaying in Malaysia:

A punishment of around RM30 (roughly $7 US) will be assessed for each day you remain longer than permitted. Additionally, you will be prohibited from entering Malaysia for two days for every extra day you remain.

You can be fined RM30 and prohibited from returning for two days if you remain an extra day. Similar to a seven-day overstay, you will be charged RM210 and prohibited from entering the nation for two weeks.

After 30 days, overstaying becomes very severe. If you have been unlawfully present in Malaysia for more than a month, you might be subject to a fine of up to RM10,000 (US$2300) and a five-year maximum jail term.

Covid 19 requirements and protocols:

From August 1, 2022, no pre-departure or post-arrival COVID-19 test will be necessary for anybody travelling to Malaysia, regardless of their COVID-19 vaccination status. The Malaysian government does not implement any COVID-19 quarantine directives upon entry.

Before or after arriving in Malaysia, travellers may download and activate the MySejahtera application to indicate their COVID-19 risk level for the duration of their stay. You may verify the COVID-19 risk status in MySejahtera before visiting the building.

Travellers who have COVID-19 symptoms while in Malaysia should be tested, and if they are confirmed to be positive, they must follow the guidelines listed below.

Anyone who tests positive for COVID-19 is required to spend seven (7) days in isolation under a Home Surveillance Order (HSO). When asymptomatic and an RTK Ag test conducted under the supervision of certified medical practitioner yields a negative result on the fourth, fifth, or sixth day, individuals may be discharged from isolation. There is no test for COVID-19 detection necessary for discharge on the seventh day.

Frequently Asked Questions

eNTRI (Electronic Travel Registration and Information) visa for Malaysia is a single-entry visa for 15 days that can only be used once and must be used within 3 months of the date it was issued.

eVisa for Malaysia is a 30-day visa that lets you enter and leave the country more than once and must be used within 3 months of the date it was issued. There are no rules about how many times you can enter or leave Malaysia. You can enter and leave the country from any country.

To apply for a Malaysia tourist visa, you need to send in the following:

  • Confirmed return air ticket with the tour's itinerary,
  • A scan of the first and last pages of your passport in colour.
  • Two scanned passport-size photos of each visitor taken against a white background with a matte finish

The visiting visa for Malaysia is valid for 90 days after being issued. You may remain in the country for 30 days, but you must enter Malaysia during these 90 days.

Whether you have multiple entrances or single entry, visas will determine this because Malaysia offers both angle entry visas and multiple entry visas. If you want to go to other nearby countries, it makes sense to purchase a multiple-entry visa.

When you opt to apply for a Malaysia eVisa, your passport must be valid at least for the subsequent six months from the anticipated date of entrance.

You must have a copy of your eVisa, evidence of enough funds for the visit, a valid round-trip ticket, and evidence of accommodations.

Visa processing fee is the amount an applicant pays to formally apply to a country’s immigration department of ministry of foreign affairs to grant permission for entering and staying in the country. Please note that visa applicants, including minors, will have to pay this fee. Also, without paying the visa processing fees, the applicant cannot submit the application form and the processing will not start until the amount is received. Online visa applicants can easily pay the fees using a debit or credit card or through PayPal.



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