Malaysia Visa Required Documents

Malaysia has become one of the most well-known tourist destinations in Asia. There are many reasons for this, including its amazing natural beauty, rich culture and heritage, and friendly people. To visit Malaysia as a tourist, you must apply for a visa before you want to travel to Malaysia. You can apply for your visa online.

What is the Malaysian eVisa?

Malaysia eVisa is an online visa application system for all countries. It is also known as an e-visa or an electronic visa on arrival. The new visa-on-arrival system was launched in 2017, and it has since been expanded to include more countries, making it available for citizens from over 100 nations around the world.

eVisa is a single online platform for all travel purposes, including business, tourism, medical treatment, and education. The system allows you to apply for a visa up to sixty days before you want to enter Malaysia or if your flight departs within three days of entering the country.

Documents required for Electronic Visa

An eVisa is a visa that allows you to apply for a visa online. If you're traveling to Malaysia on business or as a tourist, then an eVisa can be an effective way of saving time and money.

An eVisa costs the same as a regular visa, but it's available for citizens of 55 countries who want to travel to Malaysia—and it's valid for fifteen days from the date of issuance. You don't need to send any documents with your application; instead, all the information is stored electronically so that if your online application gets rejected on the first go (which isn't likely), you can try again without wasting your time going through all those formalities again!

What are the Documents Required to Apply for Malaysia e-Visa?

The Malaysia eVisa application form is available online. You can access it in English and Malay languages. The form is easy to fill out but ensure that all of the information about your trip should already be there when you start filling out the form. This should include a clarity regarding the dates of entry and exit into Malaysia, which country or countries you'll be traveling through on your way there (if any), and if you are a dual national determine which passport you will use to apply for the evisa. Also make sure the passport validity is not an issue and if it is due to expire, you must get it renewed first and then apply for the visa. Here are the necessary documents required to apply for the Malaysian electronic visa.

A Scanned Image of your Passport

A valid passport is one that has not expired and will not expire until after the applicant's departure from Malaysia. If you are traveling to Malaysia for business or educational purposes, your passport must fulfill the following conditions

  • It is valid for six months beyond your date of departure from Malaysia.
  • It has two blank pages for a visa stamp and any immigration stamps when you leave Malaysia.
  • It is issued within the last ten years (it doesn't have to be an old one).
  • If your passport is not in English, it has to be translated into English by a certified translator or registered translation service provider before submitting it along with your application form.

Digital Scan of Passport-Size Photograph

One recent (taken within the past six months) photograph will be required. Here are the required criteria to submit your photo.

  • The photo must be taken against a white background.
  • Be very careful about your dressing. Make sure you aren’t wearing a hat, sunglasses, or headgear unless it is a medical or religious requirement. If you wear spectacles, you might need to provide doctors prescription to prove it.
  • Keep in mind that facial hair can play a crucial role in your visa approval or rejection. If your full face is not visible and the appearance is blurred by facial hair on your face, the photo will not be accepted. This means your visa processing will be delayed as you will be requested to upload another photo.
  • Your face should be in the center, and your eyes open.
  • Make sure you do not wear any jewelry in your photo.
  • The photo should be clear and focus should be on your front facial view. No other angle is acceptable. Also, the photograph should be clear, crisp, and colored.
  • If you cannot have it professionally done, download one of our templates and follow these instructions for taking high-quality pictures yourself!

Proof of accommodation

You will also need to provide proof of accommodation. This can be one of the following:

  • A hotel reservation with a confirmed date of arrival and departure (paid for by you)
  • A hostel booking with a confirmed date of arrival and departure (paid for by you)
  • A letter from your employer confirming that you have been granted time off work from your employment contract as an employee or contractor


Your itinerary should include everything you will be doing during your visit, such as:

  • Dates of the trip and city where you intend to begin or end the journey
  • The name of the hotel or hostel (if staying at one) where you will be staying in Malaysia. If not staying at one, provide its address instead.

A Return or Onward Flight Ticket

You must possess a return or onward flight ticket to your desired destination at the time of your arrival in Malaysia. To prove it, you will have to submit a digital scan of your ticket when applying for the e-visa.

Birth certificate for minors (if traveling with children)

If you are traveling with children or minors, you will have to provide a scan of the traveler’s birth certificate or equivalent document issued by the government.

Residence or Work Permit

This document isn’t required to submit with the visa application. However, if you are traveling from another country or living abroad, you will have to show this document to the border control authorities before entering Malaysia.

Cover Letter

In case you decide to stay with a relative or friend in Malaysia on your upcoming trip, it is necessary to upload a cover letter sent by the hosts. This letter will include necessary details that an immigration official will need to verify your identity. This includes their names and passport details, address, and ID card scans. Your date of arrival should also be a part of the cover letter.

Payment Card

Since the entire visa application procedure is conducted online, the visa processing fees is also paid online. For this purpose, you will need a payment card. You can use any valid and active debit or credit card. Preferably, MasterCard, Visa, or American Express. You may also use PayPal for transferring the visa fees. Be sure that your financial transaction will remain confidential and we will never store your card details.

Additional Requirements

Bangladeshi citizens have to show a passport or residence permit issued by the UK, USA, Schengen country, or Ireland to enter Malaysia.

Malaysian e-Visa Guidelines and Policy Rules Explained:

Since tourist or business e-visas are non-immigrant visas, the guidelines are different from regular paper visas. Here are some important points to remember before submitting the e-visa application form:

  • You will have to provide a residence permit or work permit if you belong to a country and traveling to Malaysia from another country, where you are currently living or working. This document is not needed at the time of visa application submission but to be shown to the border control officials when you arrive in Malaysia.
  • A cover letter is necessary if you are staying with a friend or relative in Malaysia instead of booking a hotel room or resort.
  • Proof of sufficient funds is also necessary. Ideally, you should posses around $1000 to support your trip. You can prove it with a bank statement.

Processing time and cost of eVisa

The processing time and visa costs differ for travelers as it is determined by several factors, such as the following:

  • Category of your required visa- single or multiple entry.
  • Purpose of travel- Business, study, or tourist visa, etc.
  • The length of stay.
  • The country of origin.

At the moment, we are offering three different packages for Malaysia e-visa.

  • Normal: Visa is delivered within () days and costs ()
  • Rush: Visa is delivered within () days and costs ()
  • Super Rush: Visa is delivered within () hours and costs ()

Please note :- that the e-visa cost includes a service fee, which is the costs covered for facilitating your application and monitoring the process of visa delivery.

Steps to apply for eVisa:

Applying for an electronic visa is quite an easy and quick process. Following are the steps for applying for the electronic eVisa:

  • Click on the Malaysia e-Visa application form
  • Fill in the application form with your relevant personal details and passport information, including passport number, expiry date, and country of issue
  • Click on the 'Submit' button
  • You will get your visa after paying the processing costs for the visa through your mentioned email address.

Frequently Asked Questions

The validity period of an eVisa is 60 days from its date of issue. The eVisa can be used for travel to Malaysia within this 60-day period.

The holder may apply for a new eVisa during the initial visa's validity period if they wish to extend their stay in Malaysia beyond the allowed number of days.

The Embassy will issue your visa within five working days after receiving your complete application form and supporting documents, provided that all requirements have been met and paid for by you for processing purposes.

The following documents are required to apply for an eVisa: 1. A valid passport with at least two blank pages and a copy of the information page; 2. One recent color photograph measuring 45mm x 35mm (2 inches wide by 2 inches tall).

Those traveling with children or minors will apply on their behalf. It must be noted that you can include information about the kids and provide a scanned image of their birth certificate to prove your relationship with them.

Transit visa requirement varies as per the traveler’s nationality. Some passengers can stay at Kuala Lumpur International Airport if the transit period is up to 24hours. However, they can stay only at the airport in their designated terminals throughout the time. For those who have to wait for longer period to catch their flights will need a transit visa if their country does not qualify for visa-free travel.



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